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For years, millions of people have enjoyed spending their leisure time on the sandy beaches of the world. Keeping these recreational areas clean and free of debris and litter, howerever, hasn't always been a walk on the beach.

Machines have been developed in the past to aid in the process. But when it comes to the best in beach cleaning equipment, nothing takes out the trash like the Gallenberg BeachMaster .

Long Known as an industry leader in self-propelled technology, Gallenberg has developed a patent-pending sweeping process in the BeachMaster that consistently picks up what other cleaners leave behind.

The BeachMaster barely disturbs the surface of the sand as it cleans up items as small as cigarette butts to objects as large as 22 inches in diameter. Sticks, stones, glass, trash, seaweed, cans, bottle tops-- even cement blocks, tires and pieces of driftwood up to four feet long are no match for the BeachMaster.

Pick up bottles without breaking them
The BeachMaster picks up bottles without breaking them
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