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Attachment Type
Model: AT74-1 Attachment Type Beach Cleaner

Model's Available: AT36-1, AT48-1, AT64-1 AND AT74-1
Specifications as follows

Cleaning Width : from 36”-74”- Cleaning Depth : >From 0” – 8” - Speeds :0–15 mph
Hopper Capacity : from 1/4th -2/3rd Yard - Dump Height :Approx. 9’ (dependant on loader)
Attachment Type : Quick attach. To match loader - Power Requirement : from 22 – 90hp .
Models available to fit - from standup to large track type loaders
Weight ranges from: 800 – 4300lbs.
Hydraulic Requirements : from 12 - 20 gpm – min. 2500 psi (one set remote couplers )

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