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Ginseng Digger
Model: Ginseng Harvester
Specifications as follows
Digging Width: 67"
Overall Lenght: 16' 3" with hitch
Overall Width 7' 9"
Overall Height 5'
Weight: Approximately 3,700 pounds (base model)
Digger Blade: 1/2" x 6" x 67" heat treated steel (bolt-on)
Digger Chain: 7/16" x 32 x 1.56" hook chain tempered steel
Drive Train: 540 RPM PTO drive line with Weasler slip clutch. 90 degree Durst or equivalent gear drive.
80# tempered steel roller chain andsprockets with Snugulator TM tensioners
2" diameter primary drive shaft
Rollers: Combination of 5" Polyurethane and 5" steel rollers. Sealed roller bearing cone rollers
Tires: 9.5Lx 15 SL wheels, 72" on center
Options as follows  
Digger Chain: 1/2" x 32" x 1.56" hook chain or 7/16" x 32 mm, 36 mm or 40 mm belted chain
Roller: All 5" steel roller bearing rollers Combination of steel or polyurethane with steel shaker rollers
Roller Shaker: Variable speed, hydraulic driven shaker on digger section for sifting out heavier soils
Press Rollers: For breaking up dirt clumps (bolt-on)
Gathering Pans: (Bolt-on)
Rock Guard: Leaf spring (weld and bolt-on)
Boom Assembly: For rockpicking (bolt-on). Hydraulic drive
Length: Approximately 15' Discharge
Height: Approximately 5'.
Digger Chain; 7/16" x 21 x 1.56" hook chain with 8 steel flights or 7/16" x 21" x 32 mm belted chain with 8 steel flights.
One Yard Dump Box: Includes 3 x 12 hydraulic lift and dump cylinders and 8.25 - 20 tire, tube and wheel on heavy-duty axle.
Approximately 48" discharge height.
Windrow Conveyor: 18" x 9 belt conveyor, hydraulic driven right hand discharge (bolt-on)

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