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Model: Ginseng Harvester
Specifications as follows
Digger Chain: 7/16" x 32 x 32 mm belted primary chain, 7/16" x 32 x 20 mm high profile belted secondary chain.
Power Train: 540 RPM PTO drive with slip-clutch. Mechanical primary and secondary drives.
Hydraulic Controls: PTO drven hydraulic pump conveyors and elevators with variable speeds. 40 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir.
Blower: High efficiency with adjustable fan speed and angle. Input and discharge opening guard grills. Powered by V-belt from 23 HP gasoline engine with 6 gallon fuel tank
Conveyors: Full width hedge conveyor, trash and root inspection conveyors.
Bin: Root accumulation bin has conveyor in bottom, side shift for eash unloading and automatic gate/chute
Roller: Spring loaded roller on secondary drive at point of primary discharge
Roller Shaker: Hydraulic rotary shaker on primary digger section.
Press Rollers: 8" diameter
Tires: 13.6 - 16.1 all weather tractor tire.
Spindles: 5,790 pound capacity at 20 mph
Length: Aproximately 22'
Width Aproximately 9'
Height Aproximately 11'
Weight: Aproximately 10,000 Pounds,

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