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Fast, efficient Gallenberg Rockpickers
dig to 12" deep ...pick rocks up to 24".
Why waste time, labor and fuel picking rocks
from the same fields year after year?
Dependable Field Hand Rockpickers from Gallenberg Technologies can dig from 2" to 12" depths - picking both surface and subsurface rocks measuring 1" to 24" - leaving your fields clear of rocks for years to come. Featuring an adjustable depth, standard heat treated steel digging blade, Gallenberg Rockpickers slice through rocky ground... separating soil from rocks that are then conveyed to a hopper or a self-unloading boom.
Ruggedly constructed with a 3" x 10" all welded steel frame, Gallenberg Rockpickers are built to work hard, last long and retain their value. Even after years of use, Gallenberg Rockpickers can be worth nearly as much and sometimes more than their original purchase price. See for yourself the difference "Gallenberg quality" on make.
When it comes to picking rocks from fields ...
nobody does it better than Gallenberg
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