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Standard Jack

7,000lb jack is standard on the following models


5,000LB jack is standard on the following models



Machines are equiped with two sets of shaker rollers. As this roller rotates it provices a shaking action to the chain to help emiminate dirt clods and loose dirt.

Shakers are heat treated with a replacable bearing

Additional shakers are optional

Polyurethane Rollers Pictured are the 5" blue polyurethane rollers that provide quiet operation, lessfriction and longer life than rubber rollers. Used on an SS100 heat treated spindle

1. 1/2 x 6" Heat-treated digger blade

2. UHMW wear strips

Hopper Closed On hopper models. the rear hopper gate opens to a 90 degree angle for a quick and easy discharge without obstructions.
Hopper Open  
Steel Rollers Heat treated 5" Terog steel rollers with replaceable bearing provide superior durability on the return side of the chain

Heavy duty chain drive features #80 roller chain, heat treated sprockets, and sealed roller bearings. Drive line is protected by a slip clutch in case of an unusual obstruction and helps reduce stress caused by high RPM starts

1. Heavy duty #80 roller chain
2. Sealed roller bearing units

3. Heat treated drive sprocket
4. Sungulator idler roller - increases chain life by reducing wear points.

5. Adjustable slip clutch (shown with shield open)
Windrow Image  
Windrow Image 2 You can save trucking time, travel and fuel by converting the rockpicker to a windrower. Simply unhook the conveyor chain and rehook it at the drive to form a short elevator
Windrow Image 3 Windrowing allows you to pick up more rock at one time. Operating at a higher capacity increases field efficiency
Digger nose

3/4" side plates on the digger nose provide excellent durabilty and strength for years of trouble free use.

Dual lift cylinders provide maximum lifting strength in rugged soil conditions.
Depth gauge allows the operator to maintain a constant digging depth across the field and also a stating point when changeing fields.

Three inch steel flights are positioned approximately every 50 links to ensure even product flow.

Extra flights are an option on new machines or can be purchased at a later date through the parts department

Belted chain is available as an option. Belted chain has longer life than hook chain. the pitch remains constant, and the majority of the strength comes from the side belts of the chain.

Various pitchs of hook chian are availiable upon request

Standard Features Are Subject To Change Without Notice