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Rollback Flaps

Roll Back Flaps - Option #90-5229-05 & 90-032901

This option keeps rocks from rolling down the dipper bed and off the primary section at the end of the field

Machines can be equiped with up to two sets of roll back flaps

Rollback Flaps  

Folding Boom - Option # 90-B329-04F

Reduces transportation width
2-bed width 12.31'
3-bed width 15.5'Reduces transportation height
allows flexibility in small areas
Reduces st
orage size
Root Nose

Root Nose - Option #90-0229-13** & 90-0329-03
(Requires 5/8" primary chain)

Used for land clearing operations
Used in place of a digger blade, to prevent hair roots from wrapping around the digger blade.

Stainless Steel Side Plates

Stainless Steel Side Plates - Option #90-ST-3B

Reduces dirt buildup on inside edges of primary
Aids product flow

Root Crop Axle

Root Crop Axle - Option 91-4a**

For use with CDSP2-32-1 only
Allows you to dig root crops such as carrots,
onions, potatoes, ginseng, etc.
Increases versatility of machine
Shown with 9.5L x 15 rib implement tires

Rock Guard

Rock Guard - Option **

The rock guard is a series of springs that are
attached to the dipper blade and located underneath
the chain. The springs protect the chain on the return
side from deadheads or other obstructions.