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“Solving functional and applications problems”
Gallenberg Technologies specializes in developing for your company the solution not conceived by other designers. We anticipate the unseen and unknown then search and research to find the missing elements that solve the problem. The result – speed to market, efficiencies and greater benefits for your customer:

  • Engineering and mechanical issues
  • Material handling
  • Machination processes and design analyses
  • Multi-use applications and efficiencies


“Bridging the gap from engineering theory to real applications”
With expertise in design, metals and quality manufacturing processes, Gallenberg enables clients to take a new product or product enhancement from thought to functional machine in no time. Gallenberg works collaboratively across multiple functions in your organization to:

  • Identify the market need and work the concept
  • Develop a viable prototype model
  • Field testing
  • Refinement until all customer requirements are met

Our Products

Rock Picker

Rock Picking Equipment

Engineering & Efficiency that just works. Rock picking machines for any need.
Rock Pickers

Beach Cleaners

Beach Cleaning Equipment

Beach and sand cleaning solutions  that just work. Cleaning all things sand.
Beach Cleaners

Ginseng Harvester

Ginseng Equipment

Beach and sand cleaning solutions  that just work. Cleaning all things sand.
Ginseng Equipment

About Us

Gallenberg Technologies has a long history of Innovative solutions in the industry. Gallenberg Technologies is an award-winning manufacturer of quality equipment. Gallenberg Rock Pickers, Beach and Sand Cleaners, Gallenberg Ginseng Equipment, and much more.

Gallenberg is well known for its progressive technology, particularly in hydraulics and innovative self-propelled concepts. The company excels in custom building equipment to meet the needs of the user.

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