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A Longstanding Family Tradition

Our History

About Gallenberg Technologies, Inc.

Who better to develop quality farm equipment than someone who was a farmer himself? Tony Gallenberg, founder of the orginal Gallenberg Equipment, knew what farmers needed because of his years of experience working with farm equipment on Gallenberg Farms. A partnership formed by Tony and his brother.

The first product, in 1953, was a rockpicker, designed to dig rocks down to 12″ deep and built to last.

As befitting anything that’s done right, the company grew rapidly, setting a standard for problem-solving innovations, quality of design and construction, reliability, ease of maintenance and durability.

Word got around, and new products proliferated. Along the way, because of a similarity in requirements, adaptations of Gallenberg agricultural equipment were made for industrial use.

Tony & Ron Gallenberg
Tony Gallenberg & Son Ron Gallenberg
Justin & Ron Gallenberg

Ron Gallenberg & Son Josh Gallenberg

Where We Are Today

Gallenberg Technologies, Inc.

Current owner and operator of Galenberg Technologies, Ron Gallenberg, became more involved with the family business in 1976 after graduation and service duty. Ron worked on both Gallenberg Farms and Gallenberg Equipment since he was about 10 years old.

 Gallenberg Technologies was formed and incorporated in 1995 as a holding company for the intellectual properties of Ron and Tony. Ron began full operations of Gallenberg Technologies as a manufacturing company in 2000 after the passing of Ron’s father Tony in order to produce the famous Gallenberg Rockpickers and other support equipment.

Gallenberg Technologies has brought its history of innovation, quality, and custom problem solving to the newest millennium. They continue to offer customer service and value to their customers and are one of the best known names in the rock picking equipment industry.

Gallenberg Rock Picker

Experience That Matters


1992 -Wisconsin Society of professional Engineers Governors New Product Award Certificate of Merit for the AireGlide Self Propelled Sprayer
1993 -United States Trademark Issued for the power-operated Boom Sprayers for Applying Liquid Chemical to Crops
1996 -AE50 Award for Outstanding Innovations in Product or Systems Technology for Self-Propelled Windrower
1997 -Cygnus Publishing, Inc. Johnson Hill Press Division OEMMIE Award for Technological and Innovative Excellence for the Air/Wet Boom System
1997 -AE50 Award for Outstanding Innovations in Product or Systems Technology for the FieldMaster Harvester
1998 -AE50 Award for Outstanding Innovations in Product or Systems Technology for the FieldMaster Pusher Unit
1999 – American Society of Agricultural Engineers Award in the Power & Machinery Division for the Outstanding Innovations in Product or System Technology for the FieldMaster Pusher Unit
1999 -Winner of the Govemor’s New Product Award Division 11 for the Beach Master, Issued by the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers
1999 and 2000 -AE 50 Award for the Outstanding Innovations in Product or Systems Technology for BeachMaster by Gallenberg


• Comprehensive experience in advanced R & D projects and new product development processes from concept to completion.

• Designed and patented AireGlide suspension for Gallenberg self- Propelled Sprayer line.

• Negotiated and sold AirGlide suspension patent and self-Propelled Sprayer line to Wilmer (subsidiary of Cargill).

• Designed and patented BeachMaster Beach cleaner.

• Designed and patented Beach cleaning pick-Up sifting Apparatus.

• Designed and patented Detachable power supply for self-Propelled field Equipment.

• Selected and worked closely with patent attorneys to process international patent applications and streamline the product approval process.

• Holder of several successful patents; skilled in the commercialization of new technology, including direct interface with customers, strategic planning and oversee product pricing.

• Skilled in product specification determination, budget administration, independent marketing, value analysis/re engineering ; read and interpret blueprints/schematics.

• Knowledge of intercultural business customs and practices in North America, Central/South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Ukraine.


• Consulted with management at sea world and Discovery cove in Orlando, FL. to address sand sifting problem at Discovery Cove’s man-made beaches. Designed and Custom fabricated two new styles of sand sifter machines with special screens to remove ultra-small particles.

• Designed and custom built machine for a firm known as XTECH – Explosive Decontamination, Inc. Machine is used for removing X.O. (exploded ordinance) and U.X.O. (unexploded ordinance) from retired gunnery range on outskirts of Calgary, Alberta-Canada.

• Designed and fabricated large capacity self Propelled Beach cleaner for County of Maui in Hawaii to address severe seaweed problem in the Kihei area. Scope of the machine to be able to handle large volumes of seaweed and still be environmentally friendly.

• Designed and built complete new Beach cleaner for IR Bobcat ofFargo, ND. Specifically for use as an attachment to be distributed worldwide by their dealer network. Machine had to fit their vehicle requirements and still function as standard pull type or Self-Propelled models do.

• Consulted, designed and built special vetiver Root Harvester for Texarome, Inc. near Sam Antonio, TX. Exported to Dominican Republic. Assisted in aspects of documentation to export and customs clearance as new business development for DR.

• Custom designed and built Lead separator for gun trap ranges. Lead shot needed to be picked up after range was defoliated and tilled lightly to loosen soil. Machine was attachment to skid steer and or articulate loader and needed to operate on the go in trap range.

• Custom built Rock Lifter for Dealer in Poland required a special machine for locating and lifting large sub-surface boulders up to 3,000 lbs.

• Poland Dealer also required a special designed Rockpicker for removing sub surface rocks as deep as 30″.

A History of Innovation

Gallenberg Brothers built first Rockpicker.

Tony Gallenberg builds first Gallenberg Sprayer Boom.

Built first Gallenberg Packing House Equipment.

Built first Gallenberg hydraulic sprayer boom (72 feet wide).

Accepted the FMC/Joh Bean dealership bringing the first air potato harvester to Langlade County, WI and getting it to work.

Developed first fully suspended 110 foot sprayer boom in the industry. Gallenber Brothers beame Gallenberg Equipment, Inc.

Built first Gallenberg irrigation equipment.

Built first Gallenberg Three-bed Rockpicker. Built first Gallenberg Ginseng Diggers.

Appointed dealer for Lenco.

Built first Gallenberg Vertical Lift Belt-specialized equipment for produce handling.

Built first 1000 Gallenberg Pull-type Sprayer with 110 foot boom Prototype of first self-propelled sprayer with air suspension, the Gallenberg self-Propelled Sprayer.

Built first 600 gallon Self-Propelled Sprayer.

World's first ginseng harvester, with air separation, the Gallenberg patented HarvestAire Master. Built first Gallenberg four stage automatic Pallet Filler-dumper for produce handling. Acquired assets of Potatogation and opened the Plover Division.

Built first four row wide, four wheel drive, self-propelled sprayer, the Gallenberg AireGlide Sprayer.

Built first bulk weighing system for cranberries, the Gallenberg Auto-Load System.

World's longest self-supported commercially produced, crop sprayer boom, the Gallenberg 150 foot boom. Gallenberg designs, builds and installs one of the largest and most up to ate produce handling facilities in the Midwest.

Sold first self-propelled potato harvester in Wisconsin providing the basis for Gallenberg's belief in self-propelled technology. Appointed Lockwood dealer.

Awarded Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers, Governor's New Products Certificate of Merit for Development of the AireGlide. Built first Gallenberg Landscape Rockpicker and Windrower.

Re-engineered the Ginseng Harvester, the HarvestAire.

Awarded Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers, Governor's New Products Certificate of Merit for Development of the HarvestAire. Built first Reclamation Rockpicker. Built first cranberry sorter in cooperation with the inventor.

Built first Gallenberg FieldMaster Self-Propelled Windrower. Awarded AE50 for development of the HarvestAire ginseng harvester. Appointed dealer for Milestone Equipment.

Appointed dealer for R&S ginseng seed de-pulpers purchase of AireGlide Self-Propelled sprayer and wide boom technology by Willmar Manufacturing, which promotes sprayers to record levels. Built first Gallenberg FieldMaster Self-Propelled Potato Harvester. Awarded AE50 for development of the Gallenberg Self-Propelled Windrower for potatoes. Awarded Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers, Governor's New Products Certificate of Merit for Development of the Gallenberg Self-Propelled Windrower. Development of combination air/wet boom. Opened Southwest Division in Estelline, Texas.

First self-propelled sprayers manufactured under the Willmar name of Eagle. Gallenberg becomes Willmar Eagle sales and service center. Built first Gallenberg Universal Drive System. Built first Beach Cleaner, the BeachMaster. Appointed dealer for Harriston Industries.

“Gallenberg is well known for its progressive technology, particularly in hydraulics and innovative self-propelled concepts. The company excels in custom building equipment to meet the needs of the user.”

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